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Adding Time Delay To Your Shader


Recently I've been playing around with Time within Amplify Shader Editor. I wanted to add a time delay within my shader without needing the assistance of an engineer for a Unity script to handle this. During my search I couldn't find much documentation or forum posts talking about this simple function, however stumbled upon a forum post that had an algorithm for how to handle a delay. I wanted to share this because I found myself frustrated and wishing there was a resource to help me learn how to do this simple task. So for all of you people who are wondering high level how this works, here you go:

To create a time delay you need to scale and clamp your time.

- Time/Total Time (Sum of Animation Time + Delay Time)

- Fract (Loops The Animation and Creates an Animation Ramp)

- Multiply By Total Time (Back To Normal Time Scale)

- Clamp The Animation Value Between 0 and Animation Time (Clamp Stops Animation At Loop Point)

Here is the node network preview:

ASE Node Network Setup

Once you have this set up, you can easily convert this into an Amplify Shader Function so that you can reuse this function in other material shaders!

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